Prajna Consulting
Prajna Consulting

Consultation for schools, families, non-profits, and businesses on issues of human development, ethics, and social justice

Prajna: active compassion based on wisdom.

Prajna Consulting believes compassion is not useful in moving people or institutions forward unless it comes from research and insight. When insight and wisdom based on true understanding are the foundation of any program or action, success is probable. Without it, that program or action, however well-intentioned, is likely to be ineffective and unsustainable. Our work is grounded in careful analysis and skill in the areas most relevant to our clients' specific needs.

We combine compassion for our clients with direction based on applicable research and experience. We connect families, schools, non-profits, and businesses with their missions, helping them define and achieve goals for both individual community members and entire organizations. Prajna helps people and institutions marry lofty aspirations with practical, sustainable strategies.

Charis Denison began Prajna Consulting in response to her frustration with the lack of effective resources and programs related to ethics, community involvement, and human development. Since 1990, she has worked as a teacher, administrator, non-profit director, and organizational development consultant. During that time she has created models that involve current, relevant facts, and methods that allow participants to apply those facts on a personal and institutional level to create and sustain healthy communities.

Our work is based on Charis' models and ranges from individual and small group work with parents and students to presentations for school communities to organizational diagnosis for non-profit and for-profit institutions. Our methods work. We see proof daily.

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